Moroccan victory in the CSI 1*1m40 Grand Prix – Ministry of the Interior Prize

The very technical course of the Grand Prix 1* designed by Uliano Vezzani will only allow five competitors to pass for the jump-off out of the forty-six at the start. Among them, the young Moroccan Jad Guerraoui (17 years old) was the first to set off on this decisive lap: “It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m first or last: when I start in a jump-off, it’s not to beat others, but to beat myself, quite simply. Especially since there were only five of us, so we might as well play double or double… either I won or, in the worst case, I finished fifth.” Helped by his parents and the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports, Jad Guerraoui is one of the Kingdom’s equestrian hopes. We remember that he shone at the FEI Youth Equestrian Games last year in Aachen where he won two medals: a team bronze and an individual silver. Vice-world champion of the U 18s therefore, but a junior with ambitions: “I have already played in 2 and 3* and here, I am also participating in the 4* (He won the 4* ANCFCC Prize on Thursday with Virtuoso des Flagues, editor’s note). The goal is to become a professional rider. I am supported by the FRMSE, but at the same time, I am going to pursue business studies… you never know. But plan A is definitely an equestrian career.” As for Gloria de Kreisker, his accomplice whom he discovered thanks to Philippe Lejeune, the national coach of Morocco, his affix is ​​famous, especially in Morocco… and damn can’t lie because his second mother, Briseis D’Helby ( Laudanum ps) is none other than the mother of a certain Quickly of the same name!


Beautiful day for Morocco in fact, since Jad Guerraoui’s victory came following another 1* victory in the morning (Badr Khiati) and above all preceded the second Moroccan success of the week in 4*, that of Leina Benkhraba with Geisha des Sequoias in the Moroccan National Olympic Committee Prize at a height of 1m45. Leina Benkhraba was, at 22 years old, the first Moroccan, Arab and African rider to participate in the World Equestrian Games, during the 2014 edition in Caen, Normandy.



CSI1* – 1,40 m avec barrage

46 partants et 12 classés


1) Jad Guerraoui, MAR – Gloria de Kreisker 0-0/43.83, 2) Jennifer Hochstadter, LIE – Gloria des Joncs 0-0/46.42, 3) Wael Trabelsi, TUN – Indorado.S 0-0/46.92, 4) Dominique Zbinden, SUI – Othello Vom Eigen 0-8/45.99, 5) Louise Sadran, FRA – Blue Magic du Borget 0-15/58.35



CSIO4*-W – 1,45 m – Accumulator

29 partants et 12 classés


1) Leina Benkhraba, MAR – Geisha des Sequoias 65/52.24, 2) Charlotte Philippe, BEL – Godiva S 65/52.95, 3) Adam Grzegorzewski, POL – Dark Fire 65/53.86, 4) Jad Guerraoui, MAR – Virtuoso des Flagues 65/53.98, 5) Katharina Rhomberg, AUT – Cody 113 65/54.02